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1. Norton Security Update Crashes Internet Explorer

Users of the world’s most preferred internet browser Internet Explorer (IE) were compelled to switch over to the alternate browser when Norton Security antivirus software got an update. The users witnessed an error message "Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working" within minutes after Symantec pushed an update.

Upset users who had a plan to post their grievances on Norton forum platform were taking the route through Chrome, Mozilla and other alternates. If we look at the history of Norton antivirus software, we come to know about some ever-lasting bugs that have been affecting the users’ activities. Read more at

2. Michael Brown, Norton Chief Stepping Down

Symantec, best recognized for developing world’s most sought-after internet security software, has confirmed in its note that the company has confirmed a sharp decline in its projected revenue that is $12 million lower than its projection of $885 million-$915 million – what it results in Michael Brown’s decision to step down from the CEO’s office. Visit Norton technical support page for more detailed information on latest development and information movement.

Mr. Brown, who has been in the office for the last more than one year, will be serving as a CEO in the office until a successor is appointed, as per the official announcement.

Shares and revenues in Symantec have sharply come down for a consecutive third year, as its competitors have outplayed the company by introducing a third-generation cyber security solution with a comprehensive protection layer. Read more at

3. Help On Norton Antivirus and Internet Security

Do you wonder whether you should buy Norton antivirus or Norton Security? You are on the right page if you really want to know the differences between these two copies of Norton. You might have researched extensively in search of reliable information regarding the antivirus software as it is directly related to the security of your important data files, but this write-up will surely be your last resort for the information what you are looking for. Visit Norton official support site for latest product information and updates.

Symantec’s objective to ensure a comprehensive safety against online threats is what reflects in its all-new series of antivirus software suites. The maker has been proactively enthused to bring in a world-class antivirus solution so as to make the users to stay untouched and immune to every impending threat. Read more at

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