Projectile Motion Poster

The definition of Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion is a form of motion in which an object or particle (called a projectile) is thrown near the earth's surface, and it moves along a curved path under the action of gravity only. The only force of significance that acts on the object is gravity, which acts downward to cause a downward acceleration.


they will tend to drop depending on how far your target is.
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When a basketball is shot into the hoop it will first have a little hang time before going into the hoop.
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Dropping something.

when you drop a bouncy ball it will go straight to the ground and and when it hits the ground it bounce's making it go back up and to different spot.
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BF4: M98B, SRR-61, FY-JS, JNG-90, etc Bullet Drop
The video above shows a bullet drop from a distance


The amplitude of a wave is basically a measure of its height. Because that height is constantly changing, amplitude is defined as the farthest distance the wave gets from its center. In a graph of , the wave is centered on the axis and the farthest away it gets (in either direction) from the axis is 1 unit.