Volcanic Island Bungee


Flaming Fun For The Whole Family!

Yes, even babies can enjoy the thrilling adventure of delving deep into the heart of a volcano! The goals of our business is to provide a safe and fun experience that all can enjoy, without the volcano erupting in the middle of a jump! We are aiming to have the bounciest bungee in the whole world, but we need your approval! Come to us for a fun, exciting, and thrilling day that only comes once in a lifetime!

Super duper deals and fiery fun!

Extra info for your curious human minds


Mon-Fri: 5pm to 12am

Sat-Sun: 12pm to 12am

Single jump: $20

If you haven't figured it out by now, we offer exclusive bungee jumps that can only be found here! And if you feel brave, you can take the extreme volcano diving challenge, where you are plunged deeper into the volcanic abyss! If you survive you receive a gold trophy, free bungees for a year, and best of all, CAKE!

Volcanic Island bungee

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