By : Ryan Belhumeur

Giorgione's Biography

  • He was born in 1477 in Castelfranco Veneto ; a small town in the republic of Venice, Italy.
  • Giorgione became an apprentice to the master painter Giovanni Bellini.
  • During his time in Bellini's studio, Giorgione perfected the techniques that he would later use in his own paintings.
  • He spent most of his life in Venice ; specifically in Giovanni Bellini's studio.
  • Giorgione's short life mostly consisted of working on painting commissions. He continued doing this until he died at 33 years of age.
  • He only created paintings (no other type of art).
  • Although Giorgione worked on several commissions, there is no recorded information as to who his patrons were.

The Tempest

  • Giorgione's most well known painting is called "The Tempest" (picture on the right).
  • The Tempest was created in 1507.
  • Today, it is housed in the Gallerie dell'Accademia of Venice, Italy.
  • This painting is significant because it is one of the first paintings to have people in a landscape setting.
  • It is also significant because unlike paintings before it, it required the viewer to determine the symbolic meaning of the work.
  • In "The Tempest", Giorgione displays naturalism. In this painting, Giorgione emphasizes color and mood over the line and form. You can see the color and mood in the dark, depressing sky in the background. Giorgione also uses a lot of texture ; as you can see in the woman and man's clothes there are many wrinkles and folds. Lastly, Giorgione gives the overall painting a natural / real appearance by giving the trees and architecture directly behind the man and woman a real look.
  • I find this piece of artwork is interesting because it is so significant to all the art that followed it. Because it is one of the first paintings to have people in a landscape setting, I believe that this painting is extremely valuable to the world of arts and is interesting as well. I also find Giorgione's symbolic message very interesting.

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