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Yesterday, along the Salinas River, there was a murder of a man named Lennie Small. He was suspiciously murdered by a man named George Milton, who also was his best friend and they used to travel around together. Lennie Small, said to be with George Milton, was caught back in the town of Weed, raping a girl. With witness Curley from the ranch that the two were found at, this is what Curley told us."That big bastard killed my wife! I know he was trouble since I first saw him." Is this man, Lennie Small, really trouble? Well we got the facts from another witness who's name is Slim. Slim says,"Lennie and George were as close as brothers. I know Lennie and he wouldn't intentionally hurt even a fly. The reason that George shot Lennie was because he didn't want Lennie to get in anymore trouble. Lennie is innocent and George only shot him because he cared for him too much." Shocking but informational, here is The Daily Dose.


Boss we are Done

Listen up Boss,

This is your workers and we are fed up with these working conditions and we want better pay. We cannot go on like this.If you do not give us what we demand we will go on strike! Now listen up carefully, we need higher paychecks for the way you are treating us. Look at Crooks, you work him so much his back is crooked. You still make old Candy work. All day, we work we barely get any sleep. Everyone here is depressed. You are the only one that doesn't notice. There are fights all over the place and nobody can actually stop them but you.

You should make us work only ten hours a day so that we can rest some and get ready for the next day of work. Those city folk only work about eight hours a day. If you are going to make Candy and Crooks work themselves all day then at least give them more money at the end of the month.Instead of just staying in your office you should monitor around to see if everything is under control. Even if we work all day, we want you to double our monthly paycheck and give Crooks and Candy another fifty dollars. Give us a little more freedom and man, control your son.

From your workers.

The Dream

Lennie and George have had a dream that they would get a place with a windmill, some cows, and alfalfa for the rabbits. Lennie has always been the one to want the dream more than anyone. He wants to tend the rabbits. Unfortunately, the dream didn't last because the death of Lennie kind of symbolized the death of the dream. Also it wouldn't feel right because he wanted the dream to happen the most.

Murder Along the Salinas River

After Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife, Elizabeth, then he takes off to hide in the brush like George told him.There was a group of men that worked in the ranch coming to kill Lennie, George decides that he should be the one to kill Lennie because he cared the most about him. Just like when Carlson killed Candy's dog because the dog stank too much, then later Candy said that he should have shot the dog himself.