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Christianity Taking Over Rome!!!

Today we're talking about the most popular religion in Rome, Christianity. It all started with Jesus Christ. He heard about the religion in Rome and said that their religion wasn't the truth. He taught the people about he and God and eternal life. His religion soon spread around the area, but it all went downhill when one of our emperors blamed Christians for burning down the city. It was told that Nero, our emperor burned the city for his Golden House. He got bad publicity and decided to blame it on Christians. Whoever believed in Christianity would be killed. Many people backed down and stopped believing in Christianity. The population of Christians decreased. But, more came back after Jesus showed them his power. He could walk on water, share only 5 bread and 3 fish with 100,00 people, heal the hurt and much more. Later on, the high priest ordered for Jesus to be crucified because he saw him as a threat. Jesus died on the cross and opened the gates to heaven in 29 A.D. Jesus' followers spread the word about Christ and the gates are open to heaven. After Jesus' death many people believe in him today.

Caesar Assassinated?!

Caesar, one of our famous military minds, has just been assassinated! He ruled greatly, but also very harshly. He would turn down the senators and their ideas. They couldn't take anymore denial. So, the senators plotted to murder Caesar around 44 B.C. Caesar was stabbed many times and died under our other ruler Pompey. May he rest in peace.

Help Wanted!!!

Positions open at McRome. Jobs are cash register, cook, or waiters!