Civil Rights Leaders

By Nathan Spencer

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther believed in none violence protests. He learned this method from Gandhi. He believed that whites and blacks could work together to make an equal society.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a civil rights leader who believed that violence was the way to go. Be believed that the white man was the devil.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos

Both these men were African American Olympians. After they each won they both showed the black power symbol. This scared and encouraged people in America.

Differences of Civil Rights Leaders

Malcolm X, Tommie Smith and John Carlos all counteracted the works of Martin Luther King. Malcolm X encouraged violence in protesting. Tommie Smith and John Carlos encouraged black power which scared the public.

Who made the biggest impact?

I think that Tommie Smith and John Carlos made the biggest impact. Because they showed black pride at the Olympics infront of everyone and it showed the world that they were proud of being black.