The Big Time

[Written By] Time Green. Project by: Alec Lambrecht

Will Troy take what he wants or what he needs?

Troy's father left him while his mother was pregnant with him. Drew (the father) never new troy existed until he saw him and his mother on national television. Troy is 12 years old, but has the ability to call out plays that are being executed by professional football players. Troy is worth millions of dollars, and needs a lawyer. Drew became a lawyer and wants to represent him. Troy needs a lawyer but Troy's mother believes that drew is not trust worthy. What will troy do? You will have to read The Big Time to find out.

Setting of The Big Time

Troy lives with his mother in a little house in the woods in Atlanta. There family is not very wealthy and they struggle to make ends meet. Troy's house is 5 minutes away from there football field, which is great for troy, considering he calls plays for men twice his age.

Summary of The Big Time

The story begins in a little house in the middle of no where, somewhere in Georgia. Troy and his mother live in a little house together living a pretty normal and basic life. Then, one day troy finds out that he is football genius that can call what play will happen, even in a NFL game. Troy does have lots of family issues, like his father leaving while his mother was pregnant with him. It starts to really get crazy when he finds out that his father is a lawyer and wants to represent troy in the NFL. Tory's mom never liked drew very much and new that he was capable of terrible things. Troy a twelve year old boy has to figure out all on his own weather to trust the father he never knew, or toss him out of his mind like drew did when he was a child.

Companies Commonly Referred To In The Big Time

A Twelve Year Old Boy Worth Millions?

Troys skill as a football play-caller has earned him 5 million dollars at the age of twelve!

Final Reflection

My favourite part of The Big Time was when Troy figured out that his father was going to take the 5 million dollars he made. Troy is worth more than 5 million dollars. If he kept drew as his lawyer. Drew would have been able to steal all of it and not just the signup bonus. At the end of the day it really does not matter if he is your father or not, if hes willing to steal 5 million dollars from his son, there is major issues there.

About the author (Tim Green)

While Tim was a kid, he had two dreams growing up. The first to be in the NFL, and second to be a best-selling author. Both of Tim's dreams became a reality. Tim was drafted as a first round pick to the Atlanta Falcons, he was there top defensive player for eight years. Tim also became a best selling author. Both of his childhood dreams came true!