Only thing to fear is fear iself

Katie A.

Introduction to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin gave people courage during the great depression. Many people thought that he was the greatest president in our nation. Roosevelt was a diligent man even know he had a disability. Roosevelt was a hard working person.

Franklin's Early life

Franklin D Roosevelt was an amazing leader in his early life.He was born in Hyde Park New York in 1882. He lived in a wealthy family in a big house with lots of land. Franklin

went to boarding school at age 14 and helped other people. After boarding school he met Eleanor Roosevelt his future wife. Franklin did amazing things in his early life

His personal challenges

Franklin D. Roosevelt had allot of personal challenges. In 1921 Roosevelt got a disease called polio so he was disabled and can't walk. Franklin want to Warm Springs G.A. to get stronger.Franklin went to Warm Springs to rest meanwhile Eleanor continued his campaign for president. Franklin could walk but only with crutches or leaning on someone he could never walk by himself Evan though Roosevelt had an awful disease he still worked hard. Franklin D. Roosevelt had allot of challenges in his life.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had allot of contributions

He served 4 terms as president in 1933-1945. Roosevelt's famous saying is The only thing to fear is fear itself. Franklin helped people with no jobs during the great depression. He started the New Deal for people with no jobs. in 1939 World War 2 started and going to war. Just before the war ended he died. Franklin changed the world for everyone in our nation.


Information from:American Heroes : Franklin D. Roosevelt By: Nathan Asher Katzin

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