By: Joseph Sanchez

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An artist is someone who creates paintings, drawings, ceramics etc as a daily job or a hobby at home. The daily tasks and responsibilities of an artist are to create original pieces of art or their own in two-dimensional, three-dimensional or four-dimensional. The education and training needed is independent schools of art and design that offer studio training in the craft, fine, and multimedia arts. Which lead to certificates in the specialties or to an associate or bachelor's degree in fine arts. The preferred job skills are to be a creative problem solver, supervisory experience and excellent communication. The job depends on the overall state of the economy, and businesses are interested to buy artwork. The average starting salary of an artist is $47,000. You can find work in fine art or commercial studios, warehouses, lofts in your own home. You may be exposed to fumes from glue, paint, ink and other materials. Also, you have to deal with dust or other residue from fillings, splattered paint or spilled cleaners and other fluids.


Advice for illustrators and artists to help with their career.

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You just need to be creative, follow your passion and not work with other people. It’s fun but also terrifying, because you have the ideas in your head but it’s hard to get them out. It’s key to find other people who have the same passion, and you meet others by your artwork for things like a job for example. Become an artist because you love being an artist, not for other things like to just make money.

High School Preparation

You can join Art Club, which is available for any students from Freshman to Senior that are interested in creating things that you like such as painting, sculpting, ceramics, drawing, graphic design, papier-mache etc.


  1. William Krypel, Teacher at East Leyden High School

Post-Secondary Plans

What you should major in college is art classes, and a few schools that you can go to are Northern Illinois University, Elmhurst College, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University and DePaul University. Austin Film Festival has positions for internship/apprenticeship, which are development, young filmmakers program, conference, film department, operations intern and office management. A few training programs are Graphic Design, Film/Video and Ceramics/Clay.

Being an Artist

The Psychological Advantages of being an Artist