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Breaking the Rules of Sales

Are you a rebel or a rule-follower?

In sales, it helps to be a little of both. In order to be successful at breaking rules, you have to know the ones to bend, the ones to leave alone, and the ones to completely discard. Let us know your best breaking rules story.

Is Breaking Rules Good for Sales?

Sales organizations are built on rules: both internal rules and adherence to their customers’ rules. Obeying these rules is good –– and has made many companies successful over the years. But when is it right to bend, or break, the rules?

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Short Course on Breaking Rules

Near the beginning of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch Cassidy is challenged to a knife fight by another member of his Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. Stalling for time, Butch approaches him to discuss the rules. "Rules? In a knife fight?" the challenger asks incredulously—and while his guard is down Butch disables him with a kick below the belt.

This scene always struck me as an accurate assessment of the value of rules.

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How to Break All the Rules

Rules, they say, are meant to be broken. Not all the time, of course — we are, after all, trying to have a society here. But while rules help, most of the time, to create an orderly and well-regulated society, sometimes their lack of flexibility hinders our creativity, and thus our ability to solve the problems that confront us.

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Breaking the Rules of Sales

Exceptional sales professionals do the opposite of what most professionals do -- and often break the rules of traditional selling to achieve their success.

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The Need for Sales Innovation- Mark Donnolo, Author of The Innovative Sale

The Art of Sales Innovation

The Innovative Sale

April 2014
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