Heavenly Layers

Delight with Every bite

Exotic tastes for low prices...

At Heavenly Layers, we make a "cookie cake", which is basically a product with a delicious cookie outside, and a smooth, rich cup cake inside. In the middle of this, we have a delicious layer of either marshmallow, chocolate, or caramel chocolate, providing an irresistible taste. To top it off, we add a chocolate swirl on top of the "cookie cake" to make it impossible not to like it!

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Come to Trade Show 2013 and experience the most savory tastes ever here at Heavenly Layers!

Allan A. Martin's Trade Show

Thursday, May 9th 2013 at 6-8pm

1390 Ogden Ave

Mississauga, ON

Come visit us at Trade Show here at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School!