News From The Nest

August 2022

School Days!

Hello everyone,

Hard to believe it is already time for our older kiddos to start gearing up for their next chapter at the big school! This is so exciting and very bitter sweet for us teachers here at the nest. I'm also having a hard time as my own little will be flying the nest as well! This group of kids have been together and with us for the past few years, and to see them all growing and becoming big kids has been something I will hold very special in my heart as their teacher, and as a mother since my guy has made best friends with his class over the years. From babies in our infant room to big 4 and 5 year old's taking over Gilpin and Ned. All your kids mean the world to me and that is part of why I love my job so much, is to build a bond, teach and watch them grow into their own little selves.

To my pre-k class, you are all so smart, so kind, so creative and so strong, and you will all have so much fun and do great this year! Remember to have an open mind be brave and don't forget how much your Eagles Nest teachers love and adore you all! Cheers to all our little eaglets!

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Sorry to flood you guys with pics but we had to show our pre-k some love!

Back to business, exciting news! Infants will be back open September 5th! We are so excited to have our babies back at the nest. For all the families who are planning on enrolling please check in with me in the next few weeks to get enrollment paperwork and let me know the days your child will be here. The sooner I have this info the better, to help with scheduling staff.

With these Changes we will be moving around the age groups a bit. The toddler room will be the 1yr old's to 2.5 yr old's now. And the Pre-k room will switch to the 2.5 -4 yr old's. They will need to be potty trained before going into that room. After numbers drop from the big kids leaving the class size will be very small. If you have any questions please reach out.

COVID Vaccines For Littles

While meeting with our nurse in our July consult she brought to my knowledge that you can now get the COVID vaccine for your babies starting at 6 months and up. If you are interested in more info I posted the link sent over from our nurse Wendy.

Sick Kids

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about keeping your sick kids home... But it is honestly so important! Its for the well being of EVERYONE! Your kid does not want to be at school miserable 1st, 2nd when you bring your child sick you risk every other child and or their care giver getting sick, 3rd we just cant not afford for all the staff to get sick because days like today happen, and then we have to close. If you take your kiddo to the doc and they tell you they have strep, the flu, RSV, what ever. Please make sure you let us know. It is very important we know so we can reduce the spread, and know what to look out for but also we have to keep a log of illnesses incase of a break out. Just like the one that we are experiencing with HFM. Work with your kids on good hand washing practice, coughing and sneezing in their elbow, asking for tissues, and keeping things out of their mouth.
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