Kindergarten Newsletter

September 25th


This week we met Oswald. Please ask your kindergartener to tell you something he/she learned about Oswald. We introduced the letter o. As always, we practiced how to write the capital and lowercase o as well as identifying the letter name and sound. In kindergarten, we focus on the short vowel sounds, but I like to tell students that the vowels actually have short and long sounds. Superkids teaches long vowels in first grade with spelling patterns. However, I believe it is important when decoding words that we try the short vowel sound first but we also know that there is a long vowel sound we can try if we come across a word that doesn't sound right with the short vowel.

Oswald loves odd animals! We got to learn about an ostrich, ox, octopus, otter, and ocelot. See if your child remembers a fact or two about these animals. We listened to Cass and Oswald tell riddles about the animals as part of our listening comprehension. Then, we used the Chromebooks and went on to see a few real pictures of these animals.

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We started our "Counting 0-10" unit this week. We worked on numbers 0-5. Not only did we practice counting objects, we learned how to properly write the numbers. Occasionally, we write our numbers backwards (especially 5) which is normal at this age, but we are working to correct this over time. We also learned a little bit about subitizing. This is the ability to quickly identify the number of items in a small set without counting. It is important to have the ability to count each object one at a time as well as quickly recognizing a set. (five dots on a dice or three fingers)
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We focused on adding labels to our pictures. I think many students were surprised at their ability to sound out words independently. We talked about how it does not need to be perfect; they just need to try their best. It is okay to skip letters we cannot identify, or we can just write the first letter we hear in the word. Sometimes students get so overwhelmed by the task of writing that they can give up or ask for help before trying. Please keep encouraging your child to write the sounds they hear in the word. If that is only the first and last sound in the word that is a fantastic start to writing!
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