Pythagoras Photo Essay

By; Kolbe Harris

Who is Pythagoras

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher that proved multiple different things but never wrote anything to prove his findings. He was born in 570 BCE to Mnesarchus and Pythais in Samos, Greece. He died in 495 BCE in Metapontum.

The Pythagorean Theorem in Use

Painters: They have to calculate how long of a ladder they should use to safely place the base of the ladder down without the ladder tipping.

TV Buyers: People think that the length of a TV is the measurement like a 32"or a 40" TV they don't realize that it is the diagonal. So if you trying to find the size of a TV and don't want to measure the diagonal use the Pythagorean theorem. (this one was a long shot but I was not able to find many jobs)

Agriculturists: Use this Mathematical equation to draw growing spaces and boundaries and where they can plant the plants yearly.

Architects: A roof is made of two right triangle to measure the hypotenuse you have to use the length width of the building and divide it by two than figure how tall you want the roof in the middle than plug the numbers into the equation and solve the equation.

What is a Right Triangle

A right triangle is a triangle that has one of the angles as a right angle and the other two with an angle of 45 degrees . A right angle is an angle that has an angle of 90 degrees.

What is a Square Root

The digit 144/12 = 12. A square root is when you take a digit in this case 12 and times it by ITSELF and get 144, the square root is twelve a square root is the number that when times ed by itself equals the digit you have.

The Making of the Pythagoras Wheel

First we had to make a dot 27.5 cm from the left and 20.5 cm from the top. Next we had to make a right triangle with the adjacent and opposite sides measuring 10 cm each. The opposite side should be parallel with the right side if the paper you had to add the hypotenuse yourself. After that you would make a line perpendicular to the hypotenuse and then add a hypotenuse for that triangle. You keep repeating this until you have come back to the original triangle. Each triangle should be longer than the previous triangle and when done it should look like a sea shell type shape.

The Squares off of the Legs

Normally when people use the Pythagorean Theorem they will draw square son each side to prove something and they will ask this question: If you had a choice what would you pick the two smaller ones or the bigger one? Every bodies answer would be the bigger one or the two smaller one. The thing is there the same, the two smaller ones put together is equal to the bigger one. What you are supposed to get out of this is that the squares of the two smaller sides are equivalent to the square of the hypotenuse.