Liahona Elementary

Distance Learning Program

Why Liahona Preparatory Academy?

Watch this short video to learn more about our distance learning program for students ages 7 to 12.


Four Levels

Liahona Preparatory Academy is excited to announce they are expanding their distance learning program to include four distinct levels.

Scouts- For ages 7-9 or approximately 3rd grade

Braves- For ages 8-10 or approximately 4th grade

Warriors- For ages 9-11 or approximately 5th grade

Chiefs- For ages 10-12 or approximately 6th grade

Each level is not grade specific. The levels are designed to work for students who are accelerated as well as those who are struggling. For example: Scouts can be for accelerated 2nd graders, typical 3rd graders and struggling 4th grade students.

Students should be reading short chapter books independently and be able to write simple paragraphs before beginning the first level.

Once a student finishes the fourth level (Chiefs) he/she will be prepared for Junior High Course Work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Feedback From Parents

Sister Rowley,

Thank you so much for your ambitious undertaking with the Liahona Distance Learning class for Elementary students! Torrey loves it! We appreciate your defining clear objectives and appropriately-paced, deliberate training.

We love your soft-spoken voice, your gentle ways, your kindness, your sense of humor, your creative and engaging methods of learning, your faith-promoting lessons, your creativity-inspiring assignments, and your charge to change the world--with personal righteousness and testimony of the Savior!

Whitney Larsen

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and Liahona. You are a remarkable teacher and have made this year our best homeschooling year yet! You are gifted in every way.
The saying “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” floats around our house frequently as Kate is blowing us away with the information she is retaining. She loves school and never wants to stop learning about each subject. So we end up studying the subject further because she loves each subject so much!!! You are the best.

Cambria Anderson

Sister Rowley,

I don't even know where to start to convey my appreciation for all you've done as Marcus's distance teacher. You are truly talented and amazing! I have never been so impressed with a teacher (except for Brother DeGraff). Thank you for your passion and dedication. It shows in all you do. I have seen so much growth in Marcus these past two school years. I know most of that growth is due to his Liahona distance education. This, of course, has to do with the superb teaching and high-quality program only LIahona offers.

Camie Madsen

See a Sample Video of Each Class

Each level consists of 4 classes: History, Science, Reading, and Writing. Parents add either Math U See or Saxon Math to provide a complete curriculum.

Students watch a video for each class while they follow along in their planner and workbook and then complete the assigned science experiments and crafts as well as reading and writing assignments.

Some sample videos are included below:

Writing Video- Scouts

Science Video- Braves

Reading Video- Warriors

History Video- Chiefs

Geography Video- All Levels


See this Placement Guide for information about which level is right for your child: