Who Is John Rolfe?

The most important man in early colonial history!

What Did He Do?

He helped create Jamestown's income by planting tobacco seeds in the town square. He also married the indian chief's daughter, Pocahontas. And in doing so, he basically stopped Jamestown and the fututre of America, from dying out.

What Was the Situation Before he Came?

It was very drastic to be precise. Of the 500 men who came to settle the land, only 60 were left.

They started eating all the animals that was brought with them at first, because they became hungry. Then when they ran out of things to eat, they ate their boots, clothing, things like that. One person was even burned at the stake for killing his pregnant wife and planning to eat her. And not to mention the fact that the relationship with the natives was not the best, and a surprise attack was almost not to be a surprise anymore. It was expected. But then it all changed, John Rolfe had come.

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How Did He Do It?

John Rolfe was a wise man, and as such he came prepared. He had with him some tobacco seeds (Still unknown how he came across them) that he planted in the town square and thus brought forth a source of income for the town. As well as that he also married the indian chief's daughter in which provided an 8 year peace with the natives. The peace lasted only 8 years because later John Rolfe took Pocahontas to England in which she fell terribly ill. She died soon after. John Rolfe eventually came back to Jamestown, but the news of the chief's daughter being dead did not please the indians. One night the indians prepared for an attack and struck when the colonists were least expecting it. John Rolfe was supposedly killed during this time.


Why Did he do it?

When John Rolfe cme to Jamestown he had but one thought in mind- to mke money. With a new land to exploit and make riches of, and the thought of finding El Dorado itself, he thought he was going to be the richest mn in the world, except for the king. But wht he found was definitely not anything he expected. e are not sure as to what was going through his mind at the time, but what we do know was that