Barclay Bulletin

October 21, 2018

PBIS Corner

Did you know that PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports?

Over the past three years we have worked to provide a consistent message to Brockport students by utilizing common language at an appropriate developmental level at each school.

Brockport students and staff are Respectful, Responsible and Learners. These three expectations are the foundational concepts to promote positive school environments and contribute to academic achievement. To develop students who are respectful, responsible, learners, we have identified subskills which support these traits. These subskills are perseverant, communicators, collaborators, thinkers, citizens, and self-directed learners. Each month our school will be focusing on teaching one of these attributes. In September our students learned about being a self-directed learner. During the months of October and November our students will be focusing on the skills associated with being a good citizen. Here are photos of our citizen bulletin board located near the attendance office. Ask your child how they are learning to be a good citizen each day.

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Next Wednesday is Halloween. You may have already received communication from your child's classroom teacher about specific events occurring in the room. Barclay School will continue its tradition of having students dress in their regular attire to begin the day, and transition into a costume for our optional parade at the end of the day. We will not be wearing costumes throughout the day so that our educational routines have as little interruption as possible. If you have any questions about the day, please contact the teacher first to discuss any specific requests you may have. The parade at the end of the day is optional, students who choose not to participate will have an opportunity to participate in alternate activities in our library. Unfortunately, we do not have enough room within the building to allow community visitors for the parade. Check our social media posts for any pictures from the parade.
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If your child is absent from school, you can reach our attendance line at 637-1841. You may call anytime as the phone will go to voice-mail after hours. We do need to verify attendance every day in which your child is absent. If there is anything you need to communicate to our school nurse regarding the absence, you may also leave details on the attendance line, or wait until school is in session to speak with her directly.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Don't forget to sign up for a conference time if you have not already done so. It is an important part of our home school collaboration, and your chance to ask questions specific to academic and social progress. Conferences will be held on November 15th and 16th on our half days. Teachers may be able to work out an alternate date and time if necessary. Please understand that if at all possible we wish to schedule one conference per family. There are a variety of family situations that may make this difficult, but having all parents hear the same information at the same time is very important.