JJ Watt

Good Football Player , Good Person

JJ Watt is not only a good football player for NFL team the Houston Texans but he is also a good person. JJ is a compassionate person. After he found out that some Houstonians were affect by the sandy hook shooting in Newton,Connecticut, he invited them to come to the field, hangout, and throw a ball around with him. In addition he game them signed objects that he had worn/used in the game before. JJ is also a person of integrity he has never been involved in any drug, assault , or arrest scandals. Lastly JJ Watt is respectful. After a tough lose to the Chiefs in the first round of the playoffs, JJ apologized to his fans saying, "I'm sorry". He showed great respect to his fans. All and all JJ Watt is a good person with good character.
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