Personalized Learning Pathway

For Classic South Students

The Senior Experience is a graduation requirement that seniors in the classic South program fulfill if they are not completing a CTE Project or an IOP CAM. Each student completing a Senior Experience is required to complete a Junior Project, Junior Interview, Senior Interview, as well as Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs). CRLEs are activities that occur in the community, in a workplace, or within school, that connect classroom learning with the paths students might follow after graduating. We encourage you to pick an experience that connects your academic knowledge and specialized skills to your individual career plan.

See below for the activities 1, 2 & 3 that satisfy the Senior Experience Requirements

#1 Complete Career Related Learning Experiences

We would like you to have experiences that relate to your plans after high school and ones that you enjoy. These experiences are called Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs). Below we offer some resources to find CRLE opportunities. You do not need to be preapproved or tell us the CRLEs you plan to complete so go ahead and identify your interest and get started. Choose from the options below that add up to a approximately ten hours. Of course you can do more if you desire. Please check the Class of 2023 Website Newsletter for resources to connect with CRLEs.
CRLE Reflection Form

This reflection form can be used to reflect on your experience. We recommend you print a copy, complete, and refer back while creating your display board.

#2 Create a Display Board

Creating a visual board to present at the Senior Experience Showcase is your final assignment and opportunity to display and present what you did and what you gained from your experience(s). After you complete your final CRLE experience and reflection you will create a display board that highlights your experience(s). You will present this display to a small group of your peers and possibly parents, teachers and community members. Attendees will meet you, see your display and have the opportunity to ask questions about your experience(s).

#3 Present at a Senior Experience Showcase

Each senior will be assigned to a Senior Experience Showcase date. Presenters will set up their poster board and present their experience, for roughly 10 minutes, to 2-3 other seniors. The 2-3 audience members will evaluate the presentation on the following:

  • Is the display well done? Does it cover the learning and activities the presenter completed?
  • Did the experience lead to new learning for the presenter?
  • Did presenter enjoy or find the the activity/activities they chose meaningful?
  • Did the activities provide insight on the presenter's plans?
After presenting, the presenter will rotate roles with an audience members until all members of the group have presented. Presenters complete and turn in a "Showcase Reflection".

Senior Experience Showcase Dates

Each student will be assigned to participate at one of the following Senior Showcase Events. Expect to present and listen to the presentation of others as part of the Showcase Event.

  • Senior Experience Showcase #1: Friday February 17th at 2:30 in the SEHS Cafeteria
  • Senior Experience Showcase #2: Friday March 10th at 2:30 in the SEHS Cafeteria
  • Senior Experience Showcase #3: Friday April 21 at 2:30 in the SEHS Cafeteria
  • Senior Experience Showcase #4: Friday May 26 at 2:30 in the SEHS Cafeteria