A intelligent black female

Gender and identity


I believe that i am a smart, respectful, kind, and helpful person. I am also a honor student that also always gets good grades and makes sure that i get my assignment in that my teachers give me so that i get a good grades. When i am at home i make that i do my chores when i have any. Then when when my mom or whoever calls me to do anyhing for them that i do it. i aslo like to go on vacations, concerts, and trips when family.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Sebastian is the twin brother of Viola. He likes to wear his hair in a ponytail for his long her and wears suits. Who is very friendly, respectful, and motivated. Thinks that he can handle things on his own but likes to have a friend to come along with him. Sebastian can also be very loyal to whatever friends that he may make. "My kind Antonio,I can no other answer make but thanks,

And thanks, and ever thanks. And oft good turns. Are shuffled off with such uncurrent pay.But were my worth as is my conscience, firm,You should find better dealing. What’s to do?Shall we go see the relics of this town?"(Act III scene iii.13-19).pg.1


The negatives of being a female is that people always expected me to be dressed really well. The positive of being dressed up is that i get lots of compliments and that makes me feel happy. But i don't like that other people think that this how a female should always be dressed. A peson can dress in whatever they want and no matter if i was female or a male but that's just how i feel. I also notice that girls always have to dress a type of way to get attention and boys really have to try to look good they just be theirselfs and that's good enough.

Sebastian is a male that experiences a lot of people that he has never met in his life that think that they know him but they don't. Then he is expected to able to offend himself when he gets in any type of conflict. Males also have to act like gentlemen and also they also have to have a nice job so that they can take care of themselves. And not have to look to good but look decent in the public eye of whatever they wear. Basically Sebastian has to worry a lot about his physical appearance.


I believe that my teachers see me as a hardworking student that always does my best and always makes sure to get my assignments done on time and get good grades. Where as my peers probaby see me as a person that probably works hard and get good grades. Where others probably think that I am a kid that doesn't do any of my work. Which that is not trues at all i always do my best and keep grades up. My peers probably see me as a person that keeps to herself and doesn't say much of anything.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night, see Sebastian as very loyal and friendly. And others i don't quite know what they thnk about Sebastian because they don't really know him they just think they know him because they think that he is Ceserio. The only person that knows him and he thinks very kindly of him. "I could not stay behind you. My desire,More sharp than filèd steel, did spur me forth. And not all love to see you, though so much. As might have drawn one to a longer voyage, But jealousy what might befall your travel,Being skilless in these parts, which to a stranger,Unguided and unfriended, often proveRough and unhospitable. My willing love,The rather by these arguments of fear, Set forth in your pursuit."(Act III scene iii. 4-13).pg.1. He cares a lot about Sebastian that's why he went with him as far as he could and Antonio put his life in danger for Sebastian.

Similarities and Differences

Sebastian and I both are very friendly and we can get friends very easily because we are very kind. Then we are very loyal and do good things for people that care about that are around us. Also we are very motivated to do things that we want to do that's how we are both very similar in a way.

Then the differences between me and Sebastian is that he was willing to get married to Olivia and he hasn't even been around her or known her long enough to make a big decision like that. And me i would probably wait a longer time to make that decision. Because I feel like a person has to think about for a while and Sebastian just went along with it which makes us different from each other.