George Frederic Handel



The important thing that was happening in this time was that America was being explored. The instruments in this era were violins, chellos, and bass violins.


3 of Handel's most known songs are: Zadok the Priest, Messiah, and Xerxes. They were all written between 1727 - 1741.

Zadok the Priest was written on October 11, 1727. The pieces bass, chelo, beula, and violin. We lked it because it was simple and cool at the beginning.

Messiah was written October 22, 1741 and it was written for Easter. The pieces are __________________.

We did not like this song because it sounded too perfect and creepy.

Xerxes was written in 1738 and it was a failure then it was later performed on solemn occasions. In the piece there are violins, violos, and basses.

We like this song because it was slow and relaxing.

Ther types of songs he composed were operas, but then he gave it up and startes writing ortarios and vocals.

Pictures of Handel

Personal life

He was born February 23, 1685 He lived in Halle Saxony, Germany.He went to Italy and England. He died on April 14, 1759 because of binge eating and lead poisoning.
Handel had 5 sister and 3 brothers. He had no spouse of children. His Dad wanted him to be a lawyer. All Handel ever did was write music. He went to school at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenburg. He also became blind towards the end of his life. He was in the baroque era.

Interesting Facts

Handel had a duel with Mattheson for reasons unknown. Also, 3,000 people attended his fueneral. Because he had no wife or children, he was expected to be gay.