Is Our Election Process Fair?

What do you think?

Most people can't wait to vote, it's a right that many before fought for us to have.

Yet, our vote counts for practically nothing, our system does not go off of the popular vote, it goes by the electoral college.

To win the election a candidate must win at least 270 votes out of 538....

  • That number is divided so that each state has at least 3
  • The bigger states are not being fully represented

The Electoral College is suppose to protect the smaller states....

  • It's suppose to give the smaller states a bigger voice in voting
  • Candidates still don't visit the smaller states
  • The electoral college doesn't make candidates care about the smaller states

This way may have worked at one point in time....

  • Some believe it is still effective
  • Smaller states are not protected and bigger states are not fully represented
  • Its out dated
How the Electoral College Works