UM ARMY 2020

High School Mission Trip

July 5th-11th

2019 Faith Summer Missions (Church Edit)

UM ARMY Overview

This trip is the number 1 place where our students say they encounter God in profound ways!

Students team up with other Methodist churches across Texas and spend a week sleeping/eating/playing at a church that is our homebase for the week. During the day students serve the community they're in by building wheelchair ramps, painting homes, mowing lawns, repairing roofs and other home repairs for people who cant afford it.

Past locations have been Van Alstyne, Commerce, Wichita Falls, and Beaumont, Granbury.

The trip lasts from Sunday-Saturday with the weekdays being the work days.

In the evenings student have bookoos of fun at water parks, going out to eat, scavenger hunts, l and playing games at the church.

The end result every year is hundreds of High School students are empowered to be servant leaders in their community and in their churches.

$100 Deposit is due Feb. 9th

Cost is $350 total.

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Adults interested in joining us:

Every year we take 5-10 adult volunteers that serve in varying capacities. I will warn you, after going for the first time, you will want to come back every Summer.

Here are a few of the places you can serve:

Color Group Leader- This is the position that requires construction skills. So if you know how to build wheelchair ramps, repair roofs, paint a house and can empower students and adults to the do the same, we would love to have you!

Work Team Adult- You will be in charge of 4-5 students that will tackle a home project together. No construction skill required. Just a positive attitude and sunscreen.

Kitchen Crew- Not feeling the outdoors in the Texas Summer? Join the kitchen team and be the heroes of camp by providing breakfast and dinner each day.

Oh, and you go free!

If you have further questions about how you can participate, feel free to text/call/email me.

Chad Seagle

817 999 5107