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Newsletter for Families

Parents/Guardians need to complete the registration form online!

In lieu of a face to face registration day, families need to complete registration through the following link: . If you have not had the opportunity to gain and give information, please help us out by taking the time to do so.

First Week Schedule

Face to Face Learners:

  • A Group (Last names A-K):

Tuesday, 9/8: School is virtual from HOME

Wednesday, 9/9: School is Face to Face all day

Thursday, 9/10: School is Face to Face all day

Friday, 9/11: School is virtual from HOME

  • B Group (Last names L-Z):

Tuesday, 9/8: School is Face to Face all day

Wednesday, 9/9: School is virtual from HOME

Thursday, 9/10: School is virtual from HOME

Friday, 9/11: School is Face to Face all day

Virtual Students:

Check your emails as you will get a welcome email from your advisor and information on what you need to do on September 8th.

Our virtual teachers are Mr. Richardson and Ms. Sipes. They can be reached at: and .

Face to Face Hybrid Schedule Explained

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  • For the 75% of students who opted for face to face, LPS determined that a hybrid schedule would be necessary in order to implement all the safety precautions.
  • Hybrid: This simply means that your student will attend school face to face half the time and will do school from home half of the time.
  • The groups were created according to last names. A group = last names A-K. B group = L-Z. The above calendar illustrates the day your group is face to face (note V day below).
  • To create consistency for families, the goal was for all A group kids to attend school on Mondays and Thursdays; B group kids attend school on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • The calendar ALSO has a V day. For LA Students, school is a HALF DAY in person. A group from 8:20-11:20; B group from 11:50-2:50. Transportation is also available on Wednesdays, but it will bring you straight to LA instead of the high school first.

School Bus Information

If you opted in for transportation, please note the bus information. Students will ride their bus (stop location and bus # provided by transportation through email) to the home high school. At that point the students transfer to the LA Shuttle Bus.
  • Shuttle Bus LHS: #435 Departs LHS @ 8:05 a.m. (or when last bus arrives) from the bus lane in the back of the building.
  • Shuttle Bus LN: #434 Departs LN @ 8:00 AM (or when last bus arrives).

At 2:50, students will load the two shuttle busses at LA to return to the high school. At that point they will transfer to their routed bus to take them home.

If you did not opt-in for transportation but need to, please call 736-5360.

School Lunch Must Be Pre-Ordered

Nutrition Services sent an email to families on August 17th explaining the new process for ordering lunches. At the very end of the email, your student's number and name were included. This is the number that you will need to set up the School Cafe Account.

Set up an account at There is also an app that your student can use. Lunches will be free first semester, but they must be pre-ordered. Breakfast will not be on pre-order, but will be available for pick up as students enter the building each morning.

Face to face students will select group one and the room #/name of advisor to alert the cafeteria where the food should be delivered. This information (room #/advisor) was emailed to your student on FRIDAY by his/her advisor.

For virtual students (fully or partially virtual), there are several options for lunch. If you want to pick up a breakfast and lunch at LA each day, pre-order the lunch and select group 2 curbside pick up. You can pick up the food from 11:30-11:45 each day.

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Required Senior Immunizations Prior to School Attendance

Per state law, if you are a senior and have not provided updated immunizations to the school nurse, you may NOT attend school in-person OR virtually until they are on file. For more info, contact Nurse Kathy Wright at 736-6898. Parents shared they have been able to get the shot at CVS, Walgreens, or the Clay County Health Department. **If a doctor's office can provide written documentation that you have an appointment for the shot, you can provide that and attend school until that date. Please fax to 736-5471 or email to**

Safety Measures at Liberty Academy

LPS is implementing numerous safety precautions across the district: assigned seats, students facing the same way, masks, 1 in--1 out bathroom, limited travel around building, socially distanced lunch, additional cleaning of surfaces, etc. While no one is excited for these changes, we are ALL willing to do everything it takes to be safe AND have the ability to attend face to face school. Thank you for supporting us as we bring back school as safely as possible.

COVID Reporting

In an effort to be diligent in keeping our students safe, the LA voicemail now has option 1 for COVID purposes. If you call during school hours, you may also share this information with Mrs. Straws when she answers the phone at 736-5470. If your student is staying home due to Covid symptoms, potential exposure, or because of a positive test result, please leave this information on this line. This allows us to enact protocols to prevent spread and start our contact tracing process, if needed.

Please be assured that LPS is doing everything they can to maintain a safe learning environment. Positive cases will happen, and all of our daily restrictions are in place to help us prevent the spread to others. If your child is asked to quarantine (whether due to a positive test or being a close contact), their advisor will maintain virtual school with them while they are out.

For more information regarding our safety procedures, check out the Return to Learn page.

New Laptops for Students

If you have not received your new laptop, you need to bring it to LA to swap it out. Call 736-5470 when you're on your way and we will have it ready for you. For face to face students, bring everything you have (charging cord, case, laptop) on your first day and we will get it swapped out.

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