Character tracking: Paul

By: Claire Coates

pauls decisions

-Paul made a decision to play soccer and be the team goalie, that effected him because every time the other team scored a point, his teammates would get really mad.

-Paul also made a decision to not tell his mom and dad about what Erik and Arthur did to Luis, that effected him because Erik and Arthur and Paul almost got arrested. text evidence: "They took Erik in for questioning."

-Paul made a decision to work in the groves to save all the tree's and that effected him because everyone appreciated him for helping out and for all his hard work.

text evidence: "we gotta save what we can." "we filed out our shovels into the cold sting of the wind.'

-Paul made a decision to release Tino from coach warner's grasp that effected him because it allowed Tino to beat up someone. text evidence: "He lunged to one side losing the grip of Tino."

What could happen?

Not only he could lose friends but it could cause a lot of conflict between him and all the other players on his team.