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October, 2018.

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Field Trips

This section has been reorganized and updated to include a section on chaperones, permissions/notifications, requests for field trips and a folder for the trip coordinator. In the trip's coordinator folder there is a comprehensive checklist, a document to organize your students with buddies and chaperones, and topics that should be covered for chaperones and student orientation before leaving on the trip. These forms, documents, and protocol will make the planning so much easier and ensures a safe and well-thought-out learning experience.
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District Transfers - Inter and Intra

Many districts across Texas are growing and the capacity for transferring students in the district or across the district have to be reconsidered. TxSP has reorganized and updated our student transfer section, including when resident students become non-resident students during the school year, interdistrict, and intradistrict requests for transfers. Also included are how to address transfer revocations, appeals, and transfers for sexual assaults.
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Standing room only at our presentation at the LSSSCA Conference in Frisco on November 5, 2018 on "I'm not a Behavior Specialist."

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