First Day of Kindergarten!

Monday, August 7th

Time to Kick Off Kindergarten!!


Please see below for some information that will make our first week even more successful! I am sure everyone is a bit nervous, but please know that your child will be loved and cared for each day as if they were my own!

Thank you!

Lauren Williams

Helpful Hints For the First Week

  • We will have two snack breaks each day, so please pack snacks and let the kids know where they are in their backpacks. One of the things that is most upsetting to a kindergartner is when they do not have a snack! Also, it is helpful if snacks are separate from their lunchboxes as they do get confused about what to eat and when to eat it for the first week. It is fabulous if you could label them as "Snack" and "Lunch", and be sure to show your child which is which!

  • Please send a labeled water bottle each day

  • You may walk your child to class the first morning of school if you wish! If they do start to get upset when you leave, it is best not to linger. I promise to give them tons of hugs and take excellent care of them!

  • Please wait to come eat lunch with your child until the second week of school, it is really important that they learn the cafeteria procedures with our class during the first week.

  • Students must go home the way that is listed on their bus tag; if you need to make any changes to home transportation, you must send in a note that morning.

  • Please know that buses home will be running late during the first week of school, if your child's bus does not drop off when you are expecting it, do not panic. =)

  • Please pack a full change of clothes in their bookbag this school year. We still have lots of spills and accidents here in kindergarten! The kids really feel so much more comfortable knowing they have their own change of clothes instead of having to wear various clothing from the clinic

  • Remember to check the black plastic folder and send it back to school EVERY day