Galaxy House News

February 5, 2016

Week in Review

Happy February! The big question in science this month is where do rocks come from? Students are studying and classifying the three types of rocks through research, investigations, and lab work. Research and research writing are also in full swing as fifth and sixth graders learn to write a formal research paper. Fourth graders are learning about process writing and the use of transition words, as they continue their study of informative writing.

Report card envelopes were sent home today along with yearbook order forms. Please note that there are several progress reports, including MAP test results and more information about what the field trip to BizTown involves for chaperones. If you are interested, we are still looking for a few more volunteers.


February 5: Report cards sent home

February 12: House Valentine's Day Celebration & Early Release

February 12: Students will present their Inca Skits

February 19: Work plan due (end of a 3-week plan)

April 11: Biztown Field Trip

Anneke Thompson & Michelle Glisch