Juan Peron

By: Thomas Reynolds

Juan Peron was seen as a very powerful man. He ruled the country for ten years when it was all said and done. He was elected two times but not back to back. He was kicked out of the country and then returned and was elected again. Throughout his reign he lead with brutal force and eliminated any politcal leader that he saw as a threat. Many people were exacted if they had different opinions about him or went against him. Before he became president he went to military school. He trained as an officer, excelling in sports including fencing, skiing and boxing. His initial assignments were diplomatic. He served as an attaché to Chile and traveled to Italy to observe the development of the Fascist state in 1938-1940.

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

Today I received word of people in the country going against me. They don't like what I am doing for this country. Are they serious? I have raised minimum wage and only help the country since I have gotten here. So what if some people had to lose there life's. It was for this country and to make it strong. I need more respect in the things that I have achieved and less hate. These people will be eliminated to stop this hate towards me. We can not have this starting in this country. This will only set us back and that not what he want to do. Tomorrow I will give the command to find these people and to kill them.



In this video it talks about how still Juan Peron and his wife's ways are still used today in Argentina. There philosophy are still used and one candidate in particular is using them in her presidential campaign. They are looked at as being good methods and the people are not against them. They only see the good that he did for the country and not the bad.

Why do think some of Juan Peron's methods are still used today and why do you think the people believe in them?