April Showers means May bookings!

Let's get ready for the flood gates to open....4/16!!!

Get the Calendar ready because the bookings are about to Rain on You!

Within the next weeks the Nest will be gearing us up for the whole new set up on company sponsored Hostess rewards program, new shipping costs for individual orders and a multitude of changes INCLUDING the SPRING/SUMMER CATALOG!!!!! The best thing you can do for your customers that are wanting to book is be confident in telling them new product is coming soon, while you may not have catalogs you will have print outs of what can be ordered.

Anytime we change over, its hard because we want catalogs ahead of time and to order and have ready to see. The best way to handle this is print out new items from the website and have them for those first 2 weeks while we wait for our new catalogs to arrive, (REMEMBER we can only do ground shipping).

To get customers excited start prepping that warm call report, blast it on your FB page that your calendar is filling up, start posting Mother's Day locket photos.

This flyer was made by a fellow designer who was nice enough to share. You can make one like this too just remember to include the Independent Designer logo.

Down to some business, learning to CYA, what's that?

Having a medical background, I have always known to document, document, document and I think this has tremendously helped me in my direct sales business as well. If you have verbatim documented proof, it is hard for people to argue the point.

"DO what is necessary to protect yourself from discovery or criticism." This is Webster's slang dictionary definition of "Cover your own bum."

This is a very important topic because with the growth of Origami Owl going from 150 to 20,000 designers within a year's time, it is important that you know what are the right and wrong things to do, and proper ways to conduct yourself while growing your business as a designer, into a Leader and how your customers should receive you and want to call you for that repeat business.

#1 Rule: Do yourself the biggest favor of all if you haven't already and print out a copy of the updates Policy and Procedures. It can be found in the back office and the link provided here (for Quick Reference Guide) :


NEXT: Save this contact info into your phone, it will save you many trips to facebook land search button and having to wait for a response.

Origami Owl Designer Care/Customer Care: 888.491.0331 Open 9 am-5 pm Arizona time. This phone number is the only one to use to contact Origami Owl, whether it is you contacting Designer Care, or if one of your customers asks for their number.

Email: designercare@origamiowl.com

Address: 410 S Benson Lane Ste. 1

Chandler, AZ 85224

You made the List, Fed Ex is here, so check it twice!

When you receive an order make it a good habit to do the following, especially because as the Designer you only have 7 days to send in defective items.

  1. Open the box and pull out the packing slip/invoice first and the card the has names of people who packed it, staple together ASAP.
  2. Do a run through of everything within that order to make sure it is all accounted for. Some designers print out the invoice right after they place an order, so that comes in handy here to check against the invoice received by the Nest with the actual order. If items are not included or quantity is off, this is where my pink hi lighter takes over and then I jot my notes to the side.
  3. Open up ALL the locket boxes and make sure they open and close properly. Obviously we also check to make sure no glass is broken, or can pop out, no crystals missing. Check the chains and that all clasps on correctly and work properly. Check dangle clasps too.
  4. If everything is ok- GREAT! Start building to get out to your hostess, inventory them into your count, whatever you need to do with that order.


You have realized something is missing/broken/wrong item and that heart is pounding and I'm about to speed dial my mentor... WHAT DO I DO?

Take 10 seconds and calm. Things happen. While we all have great ideas on how the Nest should do things, the reality is we have tiny little charms that have to be packed by humans and we all make mistakes, we are human and so are they.

Be proactive and get it taken care of as soon as you can, complaining or posting will not fix your issue so the best thing is to triage and go through the motions then cry because yelling doesn't make it come any sooner.

Exchanges/ Replacements

Return + Exchange Policy Section 9 (pg. 28)

Independent† Designers can choose to exchange an item if he or she requests an exchange within thirty (30) days of receipt of the item and the product is received at Origami Owl Returns Department within an additional seven (7) days. Items not in their original packaging are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Items that are damaged within transit, break prior to wearing, have a manufacturing defect or are missing from the shipment which are reported by an Independent† Designer to the Origami Owl Returns department within ten (10) days
of receipt of the item are eligible for exchange if received in the Returns department within seven (7) days of reporting.

Rev. 2-1-13 Ver. 2.0

(Defined terms found in Section 13)

Please note: This warranty does not cover merchandise damaged through normal wear, accident

or misuse (wearing in water, etc.). Upon receipt of your order, please check it carefully for accuracy.

Link to Exchange/Replacement Form:


Follow directions on the form and fill out as thouroughly as you can. If you do not provide the order number, they will not process the replacement. Also remember ONE form per item number. I do send in multiple items on one envelope BUT each item has a form and I staple or Tape (if a locket) that item to the form to make sure they know what goes with each.

Example: You are sending back a dangle with a broken clasp, a charm that has a stone missing and locket that will not open. You will end up with 3 forms, 1 for each item and staple each item in baggies to corresponding form, fold form around it and place in a padded bubble mailer.

It clearly states in the directions of form it must be a padded bubble mailer or a box and the Nest will credit your shipping costs in Hoot Loot up to $5. When you mail it off, ALWAYS get a tracking number, you want to make sure the Nest received it. Once received they will review within 3 days of receiving, process and mail out within 7-10 business days plus shipping time.

Missing Items

9.3 Independent† Designer Returns

Items that are damaged within transit, break prior to wearing, have a manufacturing defect or are missing from the shipment which are reported by an Independent† Designer to the Origami Owl Returns department within ten (10) days of receipt of the item are eligible for exchange if received in the Returns department within seven (7) days of reporting.

If you are missing items that you have ordered, print out this form:


If you look at the form, you will see it asks who picked and packed the order (ding! ding! remember the advice above?) It is hard to determine the signature sometimes which is why that card is so nice because that makes life easier. Scan your filled out missing items form, the packing slip and card and attach files in an email to send to: missingitems@origamiowl.com and CC: designercare@origamiowl.com

Just from these two topics, you can see why I hold the CYA principle so high. If you cover all the angles, there is no reason why the Nest should have to come back and ask you questions, and you can get missing items processed and sent out in a timely fashion and don't have to waste your time on hold for something you are delaying in filling forms out for.

What if a customer orders off the website and there is a missing item?

Simple: Ask her what the item is, file the missing item for her. See if she can take a picture of the packing slip where it says who picked/packed and email it to you. Fill out missing items form- WITH DIRECTION RO MAIL MISSING ITEM TO THE CUSTOMER. Scan form, attach it with picture to: missing items@origamiowl.com and CC: designercare@origamiowl.com

You don't want to send blank forms to a customer because when they read direction and how designer is to fill out it makes for poor customer service. Even if they are not local, you still do it and write in caps, hi light, whatever you need to catch attention to send to customer not designer.

Easy peasy. No stress, apologize to customer and let her know you will get it taken care of and just take care of it. The Nest will take a look at your missing items form within 3 days of receiving, process and mail out within 7-10 business days plus shipping time.

Covering Your Bum with Hostesses and Customers

The Customer is always right? RIGHT?

Do yourself a favor and never argue with customers. You want to keep your customers and you want to build that relationship so that she can always go back to you and only you for all her Origami Owl needs.

Fill out all the order forms yourself at parties. I can ready my own handwriting and I cannot decipher everyone else's at times. I have them fill out top right portion if I need to buy a little time, but when it comes to ordering items, you fill that section out.

WHY? Because YOU are the designer, so you know more than her about the products. Whenever I go to a home party, selling stuff, and I fill out an order form, I know that I usually question myself whether or not I filled it out correctly and hope I got it right for when product arrives. Why put that same question with your customer? If you fill it out, she will feel more confident that she will be receiving what she wanted.

What if she went ahead and filled it all out herself already? Good! Then double check what she wrote and ask her, "Ok, just going to do a quick recap of your order. You wanted the March heart birthstone, right?" sometimes they write right description but wrong item number. It is important to go over their orders with them so you are ordering the correct items. (I almost always have one order at parties where the birthstones they picked out are wrong and that is why its important to review).

Doing a make and take/cash and carry party? Make sure you are still filling out order forms! You need to know what all they are taking home with them. In the event there is something wrong with any of this items at a later date, be sure to mark on the form that they took the item.

*My method is a have a yellow and pink hi lighter. If I still owe them an item I always hi light in yellow on and then draw a box around it. Hi lighter does not show up on customer copy but that box will and it is a way of CYA so you can tell them I am aware I still owe this to you. Pink hi lighter is for an item they like but on back order.

***DO NOT tell your hostesses about the tracking of your order. Ex: You tell your hostess, "OMG! Guess what?! I just checked the tracking of your party's order, and it is supposed to get here tomorrow!!!"

Why would you not tell them this? Because what if there is a hiccup with the order? What if the entire box went missing? what if something came up in your schedule and you are not able to process the order immediately and deliver it? Cover that bum bum, do not expose it by setting yourself up to get stressed out about the order. If she asks when the order is due to arrive, give her an estimated date and let her know once you receive it and get it together for her, you will contact her.

When the Orders Arrive...

You have checked off all the items, and now you are ready to put the orders together, to deliver to the hostess. Again, covering all your angles, when you pull the items needed for each order and out it together, put the items near the customer's name on the order form and snap a pic of it with your cell phone. Just keep it for your own records. That way is she says Suzy did not receive a certain charm, you can pull up the picture and be like, " Yes she did."

Another tip: Put labels with your contact info on the bottom of the take out boxes and write the customer's name on that label. Now, you know who's order that it and you gave your customer your contact info again.

Back Orders

As you know there are several different charms, plates and dangles, even lockets. Items go on backorder. Things happen. Sometimes we make mistakes and order the wrong thing, or forget to order something. Key point- how you react is how your customer will react. Do not freak out... DO NOT freak out.

Contact your customer, let her know that one of the items is on backorder, and that you will let her know the second it arrives.

Options start rolling: offer a refund and will let her know once item comes in stock, offer alternative then discount on back ordered item. Or discount towards next order. These are just customer service goodies to help smooth things over. While it is in no way encouraged, from time to time and in these matters, look to your mentor or within your immediate team to see if a swap can be done, and swaps are at your own discretion.

This is only utilized by me in URGENT situations, like the customer needed it by a certain day for a special event. If you cannot locate an item, that is ok, its not the end of the world, but make sure to keep them updated and lines of communication open throughout the process. She will appreciate your dedication and customer service. Under promise and over-deliver!

Last but certainly not LEAST, March Incentive Winner!!

Our Team ended March with $45,599.71!!!! As you all know we were Marching Into Spring and the designer who won the TOMS to March in Style was.....

Tarrah Sunderland!!!!

Congrats Tarrah, random.org chose you first on the list.

Now, April we need some organization to get ready for the rainy days and to protect our product, what better than Thirty-One's Timeless Beauty Bag!

I know you all have seen pics of it floating around Facebook. It is perfect to use as an on the go kit, one side can hold 2 charm trays, the other side lockets, the middle for tweezers then chains/plates in the other zipper. Nice and compact its perfect to take a mini bar anywhere with you because we never know where a sale will take place.

And to outfit it a beautiful owl on the outside.

April Incentive will run like March, you have til 12pm EST on the last day of the month to get in your personal volume. However, this month, TOP SALES takes home the beauty bag:)

Happy Mother's Day Ladies:)

Vanessa Ramirez, The Grand Sparkler,Senior Team Leader #1541- Team Sparkle and Shine

Thank you to everyone for joining and making the beginning of this with such a great start. The past 3 months you all have truly amazed me and your continued efforts and commitment to Origami Owl. We remember as we grow, we grow with this baby company that has grown leaps and bounds just within a year! So proud!