New Creature Found

From another planet

New Creature: Mountain Banshee

The wingspan is 13.9 meters. They found fossil records in Africa. The Ikran has two primary eyes that can see in color like the human eyesight. The Ikran's eyes can move together or independently. The lungs are inflated by the movement of their ribs. They have very strong cell structure because of the density of Pandora. With the strong cell structure it helps them lift every time they flap their wings. The bones are connected to the lungs. At the end of their arms they have claw like fingers. Similar to a bat. The nostrils are on the body instead of on the face. Ikran’s are Bipedal. They have two legs and two arms. The Ikran’s breathing airways face forward at the front of the chest. The air is controlled by the flap-valve. The lungs has an un-directional flow. Ikran has a cooling system so they can keep themselves from overheating by flying for too long. The colors vary. The colors may include teal, green, pink, purple, indigo, brown, orange or a mixture of some. The most common color is blue, indigo, and teal. They are Heterotrophic. Mountain Banshees (Ikran) They eat hexapedes. They were discovered when Humans evolved into Na’vi and the Na’vi Discovered these creatures when they were exploring the new land that they were on.

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