Peter The Great

Czar of the Russian Emprire

Peter the Great

Birth: May 30 1672 in Moscow

Death: January 28 1725 in ST. Petersburg

The greatest and most controversial and was responsible for his country gaining power.

He was co Czar with his half brother Ivan, until he was of age.

As a ruler he wanted to expand which led to wars.

The landlocked country of Russia led to Peter taking over Turkey.

Peter made the Cathloic church get out of Russia so Russian Orthodox could strive


As a little kid he saw many family fueds and people fighting. He saw a lot of fighting and a lot of spilled blood. He was married with a son he forced his wife (Eudokia Federovna Lopukhina) into a monastery. And his son Alexis to be imprisoned and torture because he was disrespectful.
The map shows from when Peter was Czar of Russia. AS leader his number one goal was to expand and go at any lengths to get it.