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January 2019

Pleasure Reading is on the Rise!

Book Speed Dating is off to a great start this term. We have already checked out over 150 fiction and nonfiction titles in the past two weeks. Students were actually "fighting" over who could check out a wanted title first - so awesome! Students have also been picking books from genres that they don't normally read and even our reluctant readers were excited about the books they chose. Thank you to all of the teachers working with me to make this happen.

Encourage More Reading - Promote our Book Challenge for This Term!

Encourage your students to participate in our Diverse Book Challenge this term. Prizes can be won! You can even make the book review an assignment if you like. Check out the contest requirements below.

Tech Idea of the Month - Create a Story Map with Esri

Have your students engage with content by telling a story. Esri Story Maps lets you combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. Students can set up an account through Google Sign-in. Here is an example of a story map that I made to promote a collection of diverse YA novels that also allows students to engage with the history, geography, and the stories behind the novels. Students can simply scroll through the story map or click on a topic that interests them from the menu at the top. This is a great synthesis and curation project for students using technology and a variety of texts (images, videos, audio, written information). Perfect for any subject!

Multimedia and Curation Lesson Idea - Combine Music, Technology, and Have Students Make Connections

Have students find a song that relates to a theme they are studying or a theme from a novel. Combine all of the chosen student songs into a class playlist for that theme! Then have students write a subtitle or record a Flipgrid video for their song that explains how their chosen song connects to the theme. Upload the playlist to Google Classroom for the class to enjoy. Checkout more lesson ideas for
Big picture
Big picture

No Name Calling Week January 28th-February 1st

Students can participate in the following activities in front of the Library to bring awareness to and end name calling or bullying:

  1. Sign a Celebrate Kindness Pledge
  2. Put #KindnessInAction - Text KIND to 21333 to send an anonymous message of kindness to a fellow student! Then, learn how be an ally, not a bystander, when you witness bullying.
  3. Poster contest
  4. Homemade pins
  5. Kindness chain
  6. “How Would You Stop A Bully” Contest.

Prizes will be given out!

Creative Art Expression #KindnessInAction

Art is powerful. It can change hearts, minds, and ultimately, our society and culture. For No Name-Calling Week 2019 we are encouraging students and educators across the country to create artwork and/or poetry using the theme of #KindessInAction because we believe that artwork has the power to change school climates for the better. Submissions will close January 31st.

Encourage Students to Use Our Databases and Prepare them for College and Career!

Awesome Leadership Opportunity for Our Titan Girls!

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