St.Jude's children's hospital[L]

Danny Thomas

What Danny Thomas has done to help the community

St. Jude's hospital helps children with cancer and other problems. St. Jude's hospital

aims to improve quality of life, it helps people live long and healthy lives.

How did St.Jude's children's hospital help

It has cured hundreds and thousands of children.Kids get different diseases and ways of how they cure those diseases.

Background information

St. Jude founded by Danny Thomas was born in January 6,1912 during a blizzard in Deerfield,Michigan.

What can I do

Some things to help my community is I could mow Bobby's lawn,and my grandparent's lawn,I could babysit my little cousin,I could even clean the house,take the dogs out,Feed the animals,I could even take out the trash!

All about me!

Hi my name is Mason i'm 10 years old and