Maycomb Tribune

By: Makayla Phillips, Patricia Lopez, De'Zhanae Ricardson

Miss Maudie's House Fire. By: Makayla Phillips

One of our beloved women in our city experienced a horrible tragedy. Miss Maudie's house burned down in the middle of the night. No one was hurt but her house is completely gone. Even though most people would be understandably upset, Miss Maudie was rather pleased. " Why, I hated that old cow barn. Thought of settin' fire to it a hundred times myself, except they'd lock me up," exclaimed Miss Maudie. Miss Maudie suspects that the fire started from her "flue in the kitchen." We are all thankful that no one was hurt or killed in this catastrophic event.


The murder of Bob Ewell By: Patricia Lopez

One of our citizens of the great Maycomb, Alabama was murdered a couple of days there yonder. It was reported, that on July 24, 1934 at 3:30 p.m., Bob Ewell was spotted lyin' on the ground under a tree with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribcage. He was found dead. It was said that it was suicide but there is speculation of who could've killed Bob. Mr.Heck Tate revealed that Boo Radley murdered that horrible Bob Ewell. Boo Radley will not be prosecuted for the crime.

Black Man Goes against all odds in Rape Case in Southern U.S. By: De'Zhanae Richardson

A black man, husband and father of two is on trial for the crime of raping 19 year old Mayella Ewell. Around 11 pm, November 21,1935, Tom Robinson was accused by Bob Ewel of raping Mayella. When the sheriff Mr Heck Tate was called to stand yesterday to give his statements he was questioned about the physical injuries of Mayella Ewell. He said that she was beaten around the head and had brusies on her arm. Qestioned about injurys that there was no proffesional called they thought it was unnecessary. Mr. Bob Ewell was called to the court. He said he heard Mayella screaming and that he ran as fast as he could through the fence. He saw Tom Robinson have sexual intercourse with his daughter. Then Bob Ewell ran to get shriff Tate. He told the sheriff who was the culprit and Mr. Tate arrested Tom Robinson on Mr. Ewells account of the story. Atticus had asked him in the court to write his name, It was found out that Bob Ewell is left handed.

Mayella was certain that tom robinson had raped her. Mayella said she was standing on the front of her porch, there was an old chiffarobe in the yard that needed to be cut up and Tom happened to be passing by the house that day. She said that it was the first time that she ask Tom to come through the fence. After he had did the work she went to go offer him a nickel and tom went up behind her and grabed her from behind and started choking her. Her father then came up and look through window and relaized what was happening and ran to go get sherrif Tate. It was shown that tom left hand was shorter as it got caught in a cotton gin when he was youing so there was questiong on weather Tom or her father harmed her. Tom Robinson had a diffrent side of the story he said he knew Mayella as he had done some work for her before and the fact that he passed by the her house everyday to go to work. She offered him a nickel but he declined. Apparentlly Mayella asked him to fix the door hinges, and Mayella came up behind him and kissed and hugged him, tom relized the children werent home as mayella said they went to go get ice cream. Next, Mr Bob Ewell had seen this from the window spouted vulgarites at Mayella, said he would kill her. At the end of it all Tom Robinson was charged with the crime of raping Mayella Ewell.

Physco dog reported shot By: Patricia Lopez

It was reported that a physcotic dog, Tim Johnson, was accidently released from Mr. Harry Johnson's house onna Saturday evening. He was walkin in a perticular way, foam releasing from his mouth, and demonistic eyes. He was indeed frightenin. Everyone dang near peed themselves. and when the Sheriff was called down to take care of the demon dog, he said that his shootin wasn't good enough to hit 'em. At 5:32 Sheriff made Mr. Atticus Finch shoot the demon creature leaving the whole Maycomb County at peace. Mr. Atticus Finch "has thedeadest shot in all of Maycomb."