Analyzing Viola

Viola's identity - twelfth night

In Twelfth Night, Viola thinks that she is secretive and low key about things because she dressed as a boy to work for Orsino and no one ever realized it until she admit to it. Viola also thinks she's creative because she came up with the idea of dressing up to be able to work for Orsino. In the story, Viola states "Conceal me what i am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this duke. Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him" (I.ii.49-52). This shows Viola wants to keep her gender a secret so she can work for Duke Orsino. In conclusion, this shows who Viola is and what she thinks of herself.

Viola's gender - Twelfth night

Viola experienced gender roles when she dressed up as a boy, she dressed as a boy to go work for Duke Orsino. When working for Orsino, she was treated differently than she would be treated if she wasn't wearing a disguise. Viola has a lot of limitations. She can't talk to anyone about her feelings regarding Orsino. She also has to talk differently than she would if she was just being herself. In the play, viola states "Whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife" (I.iv.41). This shows how Viola has to hide her feelings from Orsino or else she'll blow her identity,

Viola's perception - twelfth night

In the play, the characters see Viola in a different way. Orsino thinks of her as a loyal and compassionate servant. Viola would always go back and fourth delivering messages for him, and she did whatever Orsino wanted her to do with no complaints. Other characters like Olivia viewed her as a sweet, honest and down to earth person. "Once more, Cesario, get thee to yond same sovereign cruelty. Tell her my love, more noble than the world, prizes not quantity of dirty lands; The parts that fortune hath bestowed upon her, tell her I hold as giddily as fortune; But tis that miracle and queen of gems that nature pranks her in attracts y soul" (II.iv.77-83). This shows that Orsino can trust Viola to tell Olivia how much he loved her,

similarities & differences - twelfth night

Although Viola and i are different people, we share some similarities. She is determined to get what she wants and will do almost anything to get it. i'm also like that depending on the situation. In the play, Viola risks hiding her true feelings to help make Orsino happy and deliver messages to the one person he loves. Viola. When it comes to making people happy, i will do anything i can to do so.

Although we have some similarities, we also have differences. For example, in the play, Viola goes as far as dressing as a boy to get close Orsino. I am determined but i would not go that far to be able to be around someone.

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Viola's identity - She's the man

In the movie She's the man, Viola thinks of herself as a good and hard working athlete. she worked hard to get where she is now and she's not letting anything get in her way of playing soccer. Viola's also extremely sensitive when it comes to other people feelings. For example, When "Sebastian" walked into their dorm and saw Duke was hurt, Viola completely forgot she was dressed as a boy and told Duke "Oh my god you're hurt... I mean, suck it up, be a man and rub some dirt on it" (She's the man). In conclusion, this shows who viola thinks she is and who she really is.

Viola's Gender

Viola experienced being treated differently because of her gender when she dressed up as her brother Sebastian. At her high school they didn't make a girls soccer team so she dressed up as her brother while he went on vacation to London and attended his school to play soccer. If she played soccer with all the guys and they knew she was a girl, she'd be treated carefully as if they didn't want to hurt Viola. Since the guys soccer team at Sebastian's school found out she was a girl after she played games with them and practiced with them, they knew she could handle playing with the guys. This shows how differently Viola would be treated depending on her gender.

Viola's perception

In the movie, when Viola was herself, the other characters just saw her as an average girl who wasn't all that good at soccer. When she disguised herself as Sebastian, everyone saw her as a determined kid who was willing to put work in. People like Olivia viewed her as a sweet, honest and down to earth person. On the other hand people like Duke viewed her as a honest and trust worthy person. For example, In the movie, Viola (who was still dressed as Sebastian) admitted she didn't like dissecting things and Olivia said "Wow,most guys would never admit that" (She's the man).

Similarities and differences - She's the man

In the movie She's the man, Viola and i share many differences and similarities. Some similarities we share are determination. Viola was determined to play soccer and nothing was going to stop her from playing. If i really want something to happen i will be determined to make it happen no matter what i need to do.

Viola and I also have many differences. In the movie She's the man, Viola is able to hide her identity while attending her brother Sebastian's school. Being me i wouldn't be able to keep a secret that big. I would blow my cover one of the first days being at the school.