BY: Toni Cade Bambara


In the story Raymond's Run, there is a little girl named Hazel. Hazel is a very protective girl. Especially over her big brother Raymond. Raymond has down-syndrome. Down-syndrome is a very well spread disease dealing with chromosomes. Hazel ( better known as Sqeaky in the story) does her best to try to protect her brother. In the text it states that if any one wants to talk about him the y have to go through her first. Even if she has small arms and a sqeaky voice, she can still put up a fight.


A conflict in a story is when there is a fight,altercation,or competition between two or more people. The conflict in Raymonds Run is that Squeaky is competing against another character named Gretchen. Gretchen is another racer in the story that say she is going to come in first place this time and beat Squeaky. But Squeaky states that she is the "fastest thing on two feet"


An inference is what you think will happen next in a story. I infer that Squeaky will win the race and Gretchen would be close behind like she always raced Squeaky. I also think that she would be happy that she won and Raymond would too.


The theme of a story is like the lesson that is learned. Squeaky learns that it is not just about winning or losing. It's about having fun and feel free about what you are doing.


A the end of the story, Squeaky and Gretchen got along and became friends and Squeaky decided to start to train Raymond on how to become and better runner because she saw how good he ran next to her at the May Day race.