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SAP Fiori- Technology Simplified

User experience and SAP are almost synonymous with each other. Today, when every technology solution has geared up its business for dealing with the challenges related to user experience, then how can a technology like SAP which is known for its user friendliness can remain behind. Sap Fiori is a particular flower found in Italy. And like that flower, SAP Fiori is also light and efficient. This application is supported with improvised technologies and designs which help it offer quite a personalized experience in different devices including desktop and laptop computers. And it does not need any special mention that the pursuit has been successfully completed as modern day business operations are happily embracing this technology.

SAP Fiori in a Nutshell

SAP Fiori, as the name suggests, is a fraction of SAP Business Suite. It was launched in May 2013, and that very day it was made clear that it will be the predominant interface for the company. From the very beginning, SAP authorities were quite sure of its success and they were proved to be right. Any software solutions or consultancies employing SAP Fiori as their technical support will be unanimous about its success.

SAP Fiori successfully unifies all those business functionalities that are commonly used in mobiles, smartphones, tablets and computers. It can combine all those features of a simple functionality that you desire in your device. This is what it makes an intuitive and responsive application and preferred by many.

In its first release, SAP Fiori was supported by a mere set of 25 applications which were the most common functions of any enterprise like purchasing agents, lookup, employees and many more. Best part of SAP Fiori is that it is not restricted to SAP portals only. Any third party portal can also employ it for simple and user friendly designs.

Why Business Houses Prefer It

There are many benefits of employing SAP Fiori. Some can be realized with immediate effect and some in due course of time. For example, right after you start using it, you will notice content is consumed faster than before. Since it is easy to use, thus no dramatic level of programming skill is asked for and the task is completed in little time. With the help of this technology, users can receive information quickly. When it comes to leverage of investment, business houses embracing this technology claim to receive benefits already, when it is not even three years that the tool has been launched. Whether it is its user friendly feature or interactive interface, it can be said that SAP Fiori has already carved its niche among other solutions.

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