Roman Army


What to bring:

Horses, swords, shields, daggers, any other weapons or equipment you may need.

What you will have to carry

You must carry all of your belongings for up to a 30 mile march a day.

Sizes of the army

A legion is 9 regular cohorts, which consist of 800 men, and the first cohort, which includes 5,120 men.

How long you will serve

It will be dependent on what your rank is but originally men served the non farming months, some would serve 16-25 years if necessary. If you obtain the rank of Praetorian Guard served 12-16 years. If you become an auxiliaries you will serve 25-30 years.


Legionaries-300 denarii

Praetorian Guard- 1000 denarii

Centurions- 5,000-20,000 denarii

But there is always the chance that a soldier could obtain more money by finding treasure captured in war. Also if you are loyal to Caesar, he could give you a bonus. Not to mention, when you retire there is a good chance you could receive land.

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Are you interested?

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