The Cowards Are On The Run! by: Raylen Davis

Can you beleive it? The Republic of Texas is considering joining America through annexation. What cowards! It's obvious they're only trying to run away from us like the cowards they are! If they join the U.S. mommy will have to protect them from the monsters in the closet. We have them shakin' in their boots, all we have to do is strike! They are right where we want them, scared and wounded.

Santa Anna Didn't Even Sign Their Treaty!

Those Texans claim that Santa Anna signed their stupid treaty but he was forced to! After the battle at San Jacinto, Santa Anna was taken prisoner, along with the other surviving troops. A treaty was written that stated that Texas would be recognized as an independent Republic. They then forced him to sign it, he either signed it or he bit the dust. They cheated and we are preparing to call them out on it and make them pay for what they've done.

We Can't Let Them Do This

We have to try and stop them! It's time we taught them a lesson. If we let them go through with this, who knows when we will be able to get our point across! Help us fight! Join us against this cowardly annexation!

Who Is Ready To Fight?!?