Earth Day

The Three R's

The three R's are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, this basically means conserve your resources. I will do my best to follow the rules, starting with reduce. I will try to reduce my carbon emissions by biking whenever I can, and encouraging my friends to do the same. Next is reuse. I will reuse by using large, metal water bottles instead of plastic ones. This will help reduce the 50 billion America disposes of alone. And finally recycle.

this is the one most people tend to focus on. I will recycle paper and cans when I can, and hold onto them when I can't.

History of Earth Day

This April 22nd, we will be celebrating earth day. This tradition was started in 1970 by a man named Gaylord Nelson. He had the idea from a oil spill, and an anti-war movement. He called it "a teach-in on the environment". The first earth day led to the creation of the National Environment Protection Agency. On April 22nd 20 million Americans went outside to clean up the environment surrounding them. Later, this number grew to 200 million in 121 countries who were supporting the cause.

Fun Facts

  • The recycling rate has gone up 14 percent since 1980
  • The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle could power a light bulb for 4 hours
  • 350,00 new aluminum cans are produced a minute