Fallen Angels

by: Walter Dean Myers

Presented by Collin Riechman
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A Brief Summary

Perry, a 17- year old kid that has just finished high school and joins the army when his dream of going to college are crushed by not having the money.. He is shipped out to Vietnam where he meets Peewee, Johnson, Monaco, Lobel, and Brunner. Here, every decision is life or death The four fight together to keep each other alive and make it home safe. Fallen Angels provides a first-person view of what the Vietnam War was like and how bad it really was.
"There’s only two kinds of people in Nam. People who are alert twenty-four hours a day, and people who are dead."

REVIEWS- 4 star rating

"A riveting account of the Vietnam War."

- School Library Journal

"This gut-twisting Vietnam War novel... breaks uncharted ground"

- Booklist

"War-story fans will find enough action here, though it isn't glorified.... Readers will be haunted"

- Kirkus Reviews

"Excellent.... Makes the reader feel they are there, deep in the heart of war."

- The San Diego Union

Author Walter Dean Myers talks about the book and what inspired him to write it.
Walter Dean Myers discusses Fallen Angels
Don't be the last to go buy this award winning Vietnam war book! Go and get it now and you won't regret it. "Everything about this book rings true.... Excellent reading."- Voice of Youth Advocates