I CAN Be An Entrpreneur

By: Marcos Montero

Marcos Montero

Entrepreneur Student

Grade: 9

I feel that business is something that everyone needs background info on. The more you know on business, the more you can manage later. A very important life skill.

Entrepreneurship is appealing to me because...

You can run your own business. If you fail, there is no one to blame but yourself. That's why I feel entrepreneurship is more than interesting. It can be a test to see if you are good enough to run a business. Although stress levels may be through the roof, so may the business profit. If potential is what you have, viability is the next step for your business.

I have many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

Need for achievement/success

Power/control appeal




I can have a successful business that...

Can benefit the society. I want to produce products that not only help me, but also help the people in need. Revolving around the technology field.