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Issue 36: May 2-6, 2016

Throughout the course of a school year there are many days and weeks set aside to appreciate many individuals - bosses, principals, administrative professionals, instructional coaches, nurses, etc. Heck, I even learned that there is a National Assistant Principals Day. Who knew?!

While there are many appreciation days, we celebrate each of you during Teacher Appreciation Week, because no matter your title or role that you, you are each a teacher in some way. All of you give so selflessly to the students and families of Westview, and you deserve to be honored, recognized, and appreciated, not just during this week, but throughout the entire year.

However, it seems appropriate that during the end of a school year, at a time when everyone is swamped in end of year testing and deadlines, that we pause to celebrate. This is the time of year that we most need to know that we are appreciated. Take the time to enjoy all that your students, parents, PAWS, and Rita/Brandyn have to offer. Because it is YOU that make Westview such a marvelous place.

As our biggest gift this week, please feel free to wear jeans everyday this week AND no data presentations this year! ENJOY!

Educationally yours,



It's that time of year!!

MAP Makeups: There are just a few students in 3rd/4th grade needing to make up assessments. They will be pulled by me and/or Jessica to make them up in the afternoons.

AIMSweb (K-5): AIMSweb testing begins today. Please double check the schedule from Amy Olinger for your time/day.

Pathways (K-2): Pathways assessments are in full swing. Please make sure you send all data to Amy, Dana, & Jessica when your testing is complete.

CFA #6 (K-5): Our final CFA of the year should be administered this week. Please add all data to the spreadsheet when completed.

Q4 Math Facts (K-5): These DO NOT have to be completed this week, but you can administer when you are ready. Just need to be completed by the end of next week.

End of Year

The end of the year brings with it many activities and events. In order to help you more successfully plan your lessons and other activities, please visit this calendar for all of the exciting end of year events.

We will also have flyers to go home promoting many of these activities.

If you have anything that needs added to this, please add it to the big calendar in the office and let me know as well. I'll get it added here.

Please feel free to share these dates/times with families so they may begin preparing their work schedules accordingly.

End of Year Activity Calendar:


Team Meetings

We will meet in Jessica's office this week for team meetings. We will work collaboratively to place students in classrooms for next year!

PLC - Wednesday

We will not formally meet as an entire team during PLC this week. Please plan to collaborate as a grade level/department team. Please send me and Rita an agenda before noon on Wednesday.

Template (remember, you must make a copy to be able to edit) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vr7o8sWPIDDVynteTh6bPjP5I_uqztrBNtEQWIwFZ7M

iPad Turn In

Looking ahead a few weeks, I just want each of you to be prepared for student and classroom iPad turn in on May 11.

This DOES NOT pertain to your teacher iPad. You will be able to keep it with you over the summer as long as you are returning next school year.

Cheryl will communicate any additional information regarding turn in.

A Look Ahead


2 - 5th Grade Field Trip

3 - 2nd Grade Park Day (10:00-1:00)

5 - Staff Snack Day

5 - Kdg Park Day (9:30-12:30)

5 - Pop Tab Assembly (12:45)

6 - Preschool Pastries with Parents (8:30-9:00)

6 - Diner's Club (K-2 11:00; 3-5 12:45)

6 - 3rd Grade Water Games (2:20-3:20)

Happy Birthday to You!


2 - Rita Linhart

2 - Rachel Howe

2 - Angie Smith

11 - Ericka Lang

22 - Debbie Grossl

30 - Megan Sturges