Performing Arts

April -May

It has been another exciting month in The Studio.


Kindergarten actors are moving from story telling into improvisation. They continue to work on the give and take that comes from working in groups and building on ideas. These skills will serve them well as they progress in performance as well as other academic areas

First Grade

The first graders have been working on their Charlotte's Web Story board project. They are almost finished and have come up with some great stories to share. We will be finishing up in May and using the stories they created to base improvisation games on for our remaining class time.

Second Grade

Second grade has jumped right into speech. They have just finished writing their first informational speech and will start presenting in class next week. For the reminder of class time we will cover several types of speeches and dramatic reading and they will be practicing these skills in class.

Third Grade

Third Graders have just finished their first speech presentation and will start on instructional/demonstration speeches next week. They will get practice in dramatic reading by presenting to younger Evergreen students. Finally they will show of their public speaking skills, by practicing famous speeches.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Fourth and fifth graders have chosen their project to be presented at their final showcase on June 6th in the gym at 2:15. They have picked their favorite drama or speech project that we've worked on throughout the year to share with friends and family. You will be able to see every thing from poetry, Shakespeare, and Dr. Seuss. They will also share what they've been working on in music class.