5th Grade Shark Tank Projects

"Invention is the natural outcome of creative thinking." - SARK

Shark Tank

This year our showcase project was based on the Shark Tank project based learning unit. Our 5th grade GT students built upon their critical thinking and public speaking skills while learning about entrepreneurship and economics through our Shark Tank unit. They created an invention or innovation and wrote a business proposal as if they were planning to pitch their idea to the entrepreneurs on the TV show, Shark Tank!

Students worked in collaborative teams, some worked independently, to:

· Brainstorm an invention or innovation

· Construct a prototype of their invention or innovation

· Generate an advertisement for their invention or innovation

· Enter the “Shark Tank” to pitch their invention or innovation

The students created a prototype, or an actual first model of their invention/innovation. The prototype did not have to work - it's purpose was to serve as a visual of their product/idea.

Their pitches are below.

Big picture

Cooly - Beverage Cooler invented by Kimberly Sandoval, Valeria Saucedo, and Natalia Servin

Cooly - Beverage Cooler

Luna Light invented by Nathan Martinez and Cinco Ramirez

Luna Light

Catakit- Catapult Kit invented by Jonathan Cruz, Angel Hernandez and Martin Solis-Tavera

Catakit - Build Your Own Catapult Kit

Twist & Rinse Dishwashing Gloves invented by Marlen Mendez, Keidy Perez, & Madilyn Tennison

The Twist and Rinse

Bright Bite Fishing Lure invented by Chance Barnett & Maddox Dement

Bright Bite - Fishing Lure

Illumigloves invented by Kira Chavers

PGC Game Protector invented by Emily Mondragon and Jazlyn Rosales

Outdoor Water Filter invented by Leah Best & Scarlett Luna

Outdoor Water Filter

Greek Drinks invented by Courtlynn Bryan, Emory Gentry & Raegen Lowery

Greek Drinks

Innovated Finger Board created by Asher Bolton & Knox Williams

Heat-up Horse invented by Brylee Hooker & Andi Snider

Build Your Own Lego Mechanic Shop invented by Eloy Garcia & Bailey Salazar

Innovated Swink Dance Backpack created by Madelyn Blankenship

Innovated Swink Backpack

Food Fan invented by Giovanny Cardenas & Juan Hernandez

Travel Station invented by Kori Crispin & Arabella Yanex

The Innovated Typewriter with Tablet created by Miles Herrington & Bentley Lundy

Innovated Typewriter with Tablet

The Life Glove invented by Max Harwell & Gavynn Wilson

LS Pad - Innovative Drawing Tablet created by Annabelle Burgess & Nadia Nava

LS Pad - Innovative Drawing Pad

Dog Food Dropper: A Self Dispense Dog Food Bowl invented by Stevie Rae Gresham & Jor'Dawn Reed-Fites

Dog Food Dropper

The Retriever invented by Heber Alamilla

The Retriever

LED Light-Up Dog Collar invented by Rafe Montange & Hunter Taylor

LED Dog Collar

Heel Shoe invented by Alex Cabrera and Eli Martinez

Heel Shoe

Phone Holder invented by Jennifer Lopez

Phone Holder

LED Wallet invented by Shaun Elmer and Julian Urquiza

LED Wallet

The Double Deck All-In-One-Appliance invented by Layne Brooks & Landon Wallace

Double Deck

The Package Bringer invented by Eduardo Balderas

The Package Bringer

Tissuenator invented by Jovani Hernandez and Wesley Zacarias


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein