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Websites to study Spanish!

Let's study Spanish!

Below are some useful websites that can help your child learn Spanish and study the concepts they are learning in class. Below you will find some good websites to study Spanish with along with a quick description of each. Hopefully you and your child will find these websites helpful and fun!


This resource is from the Spanish textbook through Pearson publishing. This website can be found all throughout the Realidades textbook with web codes the students can put in and receive more practice with the concepts being taught throughout the year. It also provides practice questions for each test at the end of each chapter to help the student review and study for the upcoming test. To utilize this resource, look for the boxes throughout the textbook that say “Go Online” and then enter the web code given.

Interactive Textbook:

This is an excellent resource that Pearson Hall Publishing has made available with the Realidades curriculum. The entire Realidades textbook comes alive online with the CD-ROM. All you need to do is ask to sign a CD out for the year. There is a limited supply of these CDs but they are available for students and parents to use who would like one. However, your household must have internet access to be able to utilize this resource. If you would like one, please have your child ask for one and sign it out for the year.


This is a great link to review grammar concepts. It also offers practice of basic Spanish pronunciation concepts. All grammar concepts that are found on the site are broken down into step by step directions which make it easier for the student to grasp the information.


This is also a great resource! Even though there is a place for a log in, this is not needed to utilize many great resources this site offers! On the left of the screen, it gives you the options of Spanish verbs, Spanish vocab (by book), Spanish vocab (by theme), and Spanish grammar.

The Spanish verbs section helps students review and test their knowledge of conjugating different verbs in different verb tenses. They can pick any verb, any tense, and any pronoun and then test themselves on how well they are able to conjugate the verb. They can even time themselves and see how fast they are able to conjugate the verb correctly.

Spanish vocab (by book) is an excellent resource, especially for those students that tend to leave their books, vocabulary sheets, or interactive notebooks at school when they are needed. This resource gives vocabulary from all different textbooks. Our text can also be found on the site called “Realidades 1”. All words for all units are there and able to be printed out. They are divided up by chapter just like they are in the text. It also offers flahscards for every chaper. How convenient!

Spanish vocab (by theme) takes the vocabulary and divides it up into different thematic units such as weather, numbers, food, house, etc.

Spanish grammar gives students exercises and activities to help them review the Spanish grammar learned in class.


This website teaches many different languages in a similar way that the program Rosetta Stone does (with pictures, spanish word, and the english translation). Simply go to the website, choose "Spanish", then "beginner", and then start answering questions on Spanish content. If you make an account the website will also track your study progress so the student can pick up their studying where they last left off the last time they used the site.

Sr. Wooly

This website is one I utilize in my classroom often to teach Spanish vocabulary and grammar concepts in a fun way. I have found that students love to study using the games, music, videos, and more this website offers. Students do need a username and password to get into this website which is...

Username: BedfordSpanish

Password: quehoraes8

Here is a little information about the man that makes everything on this website.

"James Wooldridge (a.k.a. Señor Wooly) is a Spanish teacher in Evanston, IL.
Sr. Wooly has always created his songs and videos for only one audience -- his own students. He had struggled to find music that was ideal for the mindset of the middle-school child, and so he decided to create his own. Successful or not, he's had a great time fooling around with the songs, and he hopes that you find some enjoyment in them. He lives in Skokie, IL with his wife, Jennifer, and his baby boy, Colin."


This website has tons of study material for Spanish. It can be a good review tool for tests and quizzes also since it offers practice tests and quizzes as well. The best part is these games are free and you don't have to create an account! Check it out and discover all this website has for yourself!


As I find more study websites and resources throughout the year I will pass them along to students and parents. That's all for now! ¡Gracias!