Funny in Farsi!

It's All Relatves

Firoozeh grew up in Iran, my native language is Persian!

In Persian there are many more words to describe relatives than there are in English. People who are simply cousins in English get more specific, and descriptive, words in Persian.

While living in Iran, Firoozeh would visit her Aunt Sedigeh and Uncle Abdullah every week.

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Aunt's Story

Aunt Sedigeh is Kazem’s sister, and he frequently tells a story of how all the family’s chickens were dying and no one knew why. She discovered a tumor in the throat of one of the dead chicks and proceeded to remove the tumors from the rest of the chicks. Because Firoozeh’s smart aunt was denied a college education due to Iranian culture at the time, Kazem was determined that Firoozeh would go to a university.

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Oldest Uncle, Muhammed

Her oldest uncle, Muhammed, was the first doctor in the family. When he moved to America at the age of 58, his Iranian license did not allow him to practice in America, so he had to spend a year as an intern. After much hard work he was able to set up a practice in Southern California and create a lifestyle similar to the luxurious one he had in Iran, making the family proud by becoming a doctor twice.
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