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Meeting and Greeting Protocols in Romania

People or Romania exchange handshakes upon greeting. Older men often greet a woman by kissing her hand. Close friends in Romania kiss each other's cheeks. They kiss once on each cheek, starting with the left.

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Clothing rules/ etiquette

Women are expected to dress conservatively if visiting a church, and wear full length skirts or pants and a shirt that covers their shoulders. Throughout the country, Roma stand out in their brightly colored clothes. Women wear long flowing skirts, and men dress in white shirts with colorful sashes. Hairstyles are often an indication of a woman's region of origin and marital status. Unmarried women wear their hair in braids, while married women cover their heads with cloths called naframa.
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Dining Etiquette

Don't eat until the host says "pofta buna," which means "good appetite." Don't put your napkin on your lap, leave it on the table. To indicate that you are finished eating place your knife and fork across your plate with the handles facing to the right and the prongs facing downwards.

How to Say in Romanian Basics
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